About Ian


I Founded The Website IanValeza.Com, And In This Website I`m Giving Away Some Free Training About Mindset, And Internet Marketing. Thousands Of Entrepreneurs Are Visiting My Website Every Month From 40+ Countries So They Can Get Some Tips On How To Grow Their Business Using Online Marketing.

I Also Do Consulting To Small, And Medium Enterprise To Help Them Get More Customers, And Product, Or Brand Exposure On The Internet.

If You Want To Avail My Services, You Contact Me On The Information Below.

Cell Phone Number: +639993651414
Skype : Ian.Valeza
Email: Ian@IanValeza.com

Business Background Of Ian Valeza.

Ian Valeza became an entrepreneur at the age of 18 years old. He first started his career as a network marketer in a skin care company.

He train people how to make more money by teaching them how build a network marketing organization that will give them a lot of residual income every month.

He was very active in the network marketing industry for 4 years. While Ian Valeza Is building his network marketing business, he learned online marketing back in 2010, and this help him recruit a lot of leaders in his network marketing business using the internet.

Because of his internet marketing skills, he was able to expand his business in the United States, Canada, Urungay, Japan, Hawaii, And Australia.

He also got 112,842 visitors, and 1,178,052 hits on his website on his first year in internet marketing.

After getting great results on the internet, a lot of entrepreneurs started asking for his advice about internet marketing.

He did one on one consulting to a lot of entrepreneurs, and successfully help them get tons of leads, online exposure, and customers in their business using online marketing.

Right Now Ian Valeza Is a Full Time Consultant To Small, And Medium Enterprise Both Locally, And Abroad. He is helping Different enterprise get more sales, and create their brand on the internet.