In this short article I will teach you how to  use the power of RECIPROCATION to effectively sell your high priced affiliate programs, high ticket programs, and coaching programs on the internet.

If you have been marketing for a few years now.. you already know that one of the most effective way to sell a high ticket program is to do it over the phone or a webinar.

One of the hardest thing when you are using the phone to sell your products is that your prospect will become defensive the moment you start talking to them on the phone.

One of the main reasons that they will be a little bit defensive is because they know that you are calling them to sell them something.

If you try to tell your prospects that you will show them something that can help them solve their problem.They will normally give you an excuse to avoid watching your sales video. If you also try to make another schedule to talk to them on the phone. They will also give you an excuse so they can avoid talking to you.

A few years ago.. I learned that people  will do anything to avoid the pain of being persuaded or being pressured to buy something that they are not sure that they want.

Now if you want to solve this problem. I will teach you a strategy that I learned back in 2012  after reading a book called INFLUENCE: The science of persuasion by Robert Cialdini.


In one of the chapters of that book I learned how to use the power of reciprocity in order to get high compliance rate from my prospects.

In one of the chapters in Robert Cialdini`s book. He said that as human being.. we always feel obligated to do good things to those people that are doing good things to us.

An example.. If you have a very  hard project that you have to finish, and you decided to ask your colleague to help you with your project.

What will happen after your colleague decided to help you in your project is that you will also FEEL SOCIALLY OBLIGATED to return the favor to him if he decided to ask for your help in the near future.

One of the main reasons that you may feel obligated to help your colleague if he ask for it is because you feel that you are indebted to him.


Now you might ask me.. how can I use this information for my online marketing campaigns?

Let me teach how you can use the power of reciprocity by telling you how am I using it to sell my high price coaching programs to my prospect.

Now one of the things that I will do when someone opt in on my capture page is to call them and just ask them some questions on how can I help them on their business.

Even though that I have no intention on selling anything to my prospect on my first call. My prospect will always think that I`m calling them to sell them something on the phone.

So how do I handle this objection? Its simple.. I will just tell them that I`m not going to sell them anything on the phone at the moment, and I`m just talking to them to HELP THEM SOLVE THEIR PROBLEMS.

I will also tell them that after I`m done helping them solve their problem. That is only the time that I will pitch them what I`m selling online, and I will not pressure them or force them to buy my product.

Its very simple right?  By telling them that I`m there to help them first, and I`m not there to sell them anything. I`m now putting their guard down, and I`m also using the power of RECIPROCITY.

Since I will give them free tips, and free information on how to solve their problems. They are now obligated to return that good favor that I did to them.

So when I set a day, and time that I will show them my product. They will feel obligated to watch my presentation. And this could lead to making them buy my products.

So that`s how you can use the power of reciprocity to your business. Start creating some free articles, and free videos that you can give to your prospects when you are prospecting them on the phone so they will reciprocate back to you when you ask them to see your video presentation.

I hope that you enjoy, and learned a lot from this article that I made.

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Have a great week my friends, and God bless.

– Ian Valeza