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I just want to post this short article so you wont destroy your business just like other networkers.

One of the most common problem in network marketing or any other kind of business is that a lot of people do a lot of crazy talk.

They will pretend that they are having the results that their prospects wants so they can sign them up into their opportunity.

They will pretend that they are already making a lot of money even they are losing thousands of dollars in their business.

The problem about this kind of shady tactic is that if your prospect finds out that you are just lying to him or her, your prospect will immediately going to stop working with you, and there is also a high chance that your prospect will tell everyone what you did to him or her.

Remember that the reason why people will work with you is because they TRUST you. If you break that trust with your prospect, you will soon suffer the consequence.

Now how can you persuade your prospects to join your business opportunity if you are not yet making any money?

Just tell the truth and just tell them that what you got can solve their problem.

You must understand that people wants to be lead. If you can give them a game plan on how to achieve their dreams, they will follow you and do business with you.

Just ask some questions and find out what do your prospects want in their life.

If you find the things that your prospects want to accomplish, just use your opportunity as a vehicle to achieve their dreams.

Always remember that don`t make yourself the issue.  I already sign up a lot of people a few years ago in my first opportunity even they know that i am just starting that time.

The reason that they follow me is because they can sense my passion and I believe in what I`m doing.

So that`s all my tip for today my friend. Always remember that don`t trade your reputation for anything.

Ian Valeza


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I will share a SECRET STRATEGY that will make your customers keep

on buying expensive products from you.


When selling some products online, most marketers only focus on one

time selling, and they find some other people that are going to buy their



finding new customers is good, but you also need to keep your customers

buying from you. In fact, it is much better to keep 1 customer than to

find 5 new customers.




So how do you keep them? You must BUILD GOOD RELATIONSHIP

with your customers by giving away some bonuses,discounts, promos etc.

By doing this, your customers will be happy, and they will keep on buying

from you.


Just think about this..

If you own a fast food restaurant, and you are selling hot dogs, and

you are making $1 of profit per hot dog.  How much money do you think

will you make if you make your customer buying from you for 10 years?

Lets make mcdonalds as an example.  How many times did you eat

on mcdonalds?  If they have a poor customer service, do you think

you will come back again, and eat on mcdonalds?  So keep your customers,

and serve them well so they will keep on coming back for more.



If you are just starting your business, and you only got a few customers.

I highly suggest that you keep on interacting with them. If you form a

good relationship with your customers, it is MUCH EASIER to promote

other products to them.  It is also much EASIER for you to sell some

new products from existing customers.  Just think about it, who is much

easier to sell? Your friends or strangers? of course your friends.


I also suggest that you follow up your customers within 48 hours after

they made a purchase of your products. Why do you have to do this?

Because 72% percent of your customers are not going to USE the

products that they buy from you, and there is a chance that they will

demand a REFUND. Make a way that your customers will immediately

use your products so they can experience it, and avoid refunds so you can

make more money.


Take care of your customers and they will take care of you.

So that`s all my tips for today. If you love this training, feel free to share

it with your friends on facebook, and twitter.

Have  a great day and God bless in your business.

– Ian Valeza

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Do you think joining an

attraction marketing

GURU will make you

successful online?

A lot of people think that if they join a GURU on the internet, they will

automatically become successful, because they can gain exposure and

help from that GURU.


I hate to say this, but that is just a myth my friend. The reason why

a GURU can`t help you is because they are so BUSY doing their own

stuff. Just think about this.. If they are sponsoring 20 – 30 people per

month, how can they help you? They are so busy managing their top

producers and so busy prospecting a lot of people.


Now I`m not saying that you don`t join any guru on the internet. You

can learn a lot from them because they give great trainings for their

team. What i`m saying is.. you must be willing to work hard and

improve yourself so you can succeed in what you are doing for you

to get some results that you want.


It is not the GURU`S that will make you successful. It is your

determination and your right mindset that will make you successful.

Your mentor can only guide you, but it is up to you to make things



I also have two great mentors that is a guru online. They invest time with

me to mentor me so I can improve my skills. I am grateful on my current

business partners and I HAVE NO PLAN JOINING other networking



Now here is my tip, if you really want someone to HELP you and

GROOM you to become a successful entrepreneur. I suggest you find

someone that is a RAISING superstar. This person can help you because

he is still building his large group and his duty is to serve you and

help you so he can become successful in his business.


The other advantage of joining a raising superstar is you are going to be

3 to 4th levels deep from the top earner and GURU in your company, and

it is a very good position to be. Why? because there are 3 people that are

interested and excited for you to become successful.


If your sponsor cannot solve your problem, you can just go to your

sponsor`s sponsor and ask for help. That`s an advantage for you, because

there are a lot of people helping you.


So go find a RAISING superstar and talk to him if you need some help.

You can also talk to me if you want. Just put your information on

this link and I will contact you within 48 hours.

Looking forward on talking to you my friend.


So that`s all my tip for today. Feel free to share it with your friends on

facebook and twitter.

– Ian Valeza

Phone: +639993651414

Skype: Ian.Valeza




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Are you the type of person that listen`s to others leaders system when it comes to building your network marketing business?

Investing in yourself is the best things that you can do, but if you try to listen to other MLM leaders, it can harm you a lot in your network marketing business.

Watch the video below and learn why

You should stick to your sponsors system until you are making a enough money to try other strategies.

Trust in your system because it is already proven and all you need to do is to follow it.


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Do you know why most networkers SUCK at recruiting?

One of the main reason is they don`t have a good POSTURE when they are prospecting. If you try to chase prospect.. they will RUN AWAY from you because we are program as a human being to run away from people who chase us.

If you want to become ATTRACTIVE to your prospects eyes, you must make them see you as an EXPERT in your FIELD and they will aut0maically listen to what your about to say to them.

So the question is.. How can I make my self become an expert to my prospect?

In today`s training.. Adam taha will answer that question and he will also share his SECRETS on how he made tons of money in his business by building THOUSANDS OF DOWNLINES in his team and how he made a lot of money outside MLM.

I can sell this interview for $30 – $50 but you will get it for FREE. Watch the video and learn how to MAKE MORE MONEY in your business by RECRUITING more people into your business and making MORE sales.

We will also REVEAL the UNTOLD RISK in network marketing that your upline is not telling you.

YouTube Preview Image

Learn also the UNTOLD RISK in network marketing that your upline is not telling you about.

Learn how to QUALIFY your prospect and make show them that you have the solution for their NEEDS. You have to believe in your business.

You must understand that it takes time to build your business so be PATIENT and just keep on working hard.

Learn to build another residual income by doing attraction marketing because network marketing is not design to give you huge commissions when you are just new in the industry.

Do not try to jump from company to company because it will just waste your time. Just focus on building one network marketing company.

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In today`s training you will learn why a lot of networkers don`t really own a business and why your network marketing company is not your real asset.

The reason why you don`t own your own business is because your main network marketing company can decide to terminate you anytime that they want if they don`t like what you are doing.

A few months ago.. I just heard that a well known network marketing company terminated 900 IBO`s in their company without a cause.

I did not write this article not to scare you but to PROTECT you so you can avoid this kind of problem in the future. I`m not also saying that you have to build different network marketing companies at the same time because that is a foolish thing to do.

So How Can We Protect Ourselves?

You must understand that your current network marketing company is not your asset. Your REAL ASSET is YOU and the relationships you’ve built in your organization.

If you are really committed on helping your downlines and team on getting what they want. They will TRUST you and they will follow you wherever you will go because they know that you can help them achieve their goals.

So keep on building relationship with your downlines and take care of them, because you can always take your WHOLE team with you if something bad happened to your current network marketing company.

Another form of asset that you have right now if your using ATTRACTION MARKETING is your LIST that you own in your auto responder. When you created a good relationship with your list by giving them training, you can easily promote your new company to your list if something bad happened to your current opportunity.

So that`s all for today my friend. If you like this training  feel free to share it with your friends on facebook and twitter.

Have a great week and God bless you.

Ian Valeza



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Do you love to do 3 business at the same time?

This is one the mistakes most entrepreneurs do when they try to do network marketing. They think jumping to another company can help them achieve more success.

One of the reason why they will jump to another company is because of the companies product. They think that if they have a different product.. they will have a different results.

You must understand that your product will not determine your success in network marketing.  It is your skill in business that will make you rich!

In any business, your INTEGRITY as an entrepreneur is very important. If you keep on jumping from business to business.. you are destroying your integrity.

If you are having a lot of hard time in your business, just keep on pushing forward. Your first 2 years will be the hardest because you are just building your skills.

It is much better to spend 5 years in one company than to spend 5 years in 5 different companies.

You have to commit 5 to 10 years in your business because it takes time to make it grow. You can see some good results in your business after 2 – 3 years of consistency. Some people will quit in their first 30 days and they will say that the business is not working.  My question is.. what can you learn in 30 days?

so always remember to keep your FOCUS and do not try to look for another opportunity. Even you change companies.. you will still encounter the same problem in your past business.

Hope you learn a lot from this training today.  If you want like this training, feel free to share it with your friends on facebook and twitter.


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Are you getting a lot of flakes and prospect that has no money to sign up in your business?

One of the most frustrating thing that you can experience when you are doing hotel presentation is wasting your time with unqualified prospects.

I also experience that kind of problem and it is very frustrating when you are new and you are in a tight budget.

YouTube Preview Image

Always sort your prospects before you send them to your hotel meetings.  Show them the presentation of your business in your website or give them a DVD first before you invite them to your hotel presentation.

The reason why you are doing this is because you want to know if they are interested in doing your business or not.

If they are interested and want to get more details about the business, then you can invite them into your companies office and present them the business.

You can also use your successful leaders for social proof and you can introduce them to some successful distributors in your company.

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Did someone promised you that you can make $100000 in your first 10 months? Did you hear someone claim that they can make you get out of your job in just 100 days?

This is just an example of some hype that we are hearing on the internet and offline world of network marketing. A lot of people are attracted to this kind of hype but it can also destroy your credibility and destroy your business.

Here is the reasons why..

If you promise your prospect that they can make some insane amount of money in just a few months and they did not make that kind of money.. they will BLAME you that you sign them up into your network marketing business.

Why would they blame you? Because you promise them that they can make a lot of money in just a few months.  This is also one of the main reason why a lot of your downlines will quit in less that 3 months.

The worst part when someone quit is they will tell all of their friends and family about what happened to them and it will give our WHOLE INDUSTRY a bad name. In fact, this is one of  the main reason why a lot of people are very negative about network marketing.

You don`t need to use hype to recruit someone because you are looking for LONG TERM business partners because they will give you the monthly residual income that you want.

Remember that only amateurs use hype when they are prospecting. Professionals ALWAYS qualify people before they sponsor a new rep in their business.

You must understand that network marketing will NOT make your rich overnight! If you want to succeed in this business, you must commit 5 years before you hit the big bucks.

Normally it would take you 1 to 2 years just to learn the business.

3 years to become a good networker.

5 years to become a rockstar in your network marketing business.

When you sign up a new rep you must always explain to them that in their first 1 to 2 years they will experience some problems and its normal because they are just starting to learn the business.  When your downline starts complaining to you.. just remind them again that their first 1 to 2 years will be their learning stage.

So that`s all the training for today buddy. If you like this training, feel free to share it with your friends on facebook and twitter. Have a great day and God bless you.

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Do you keep in touch with your prospects even though they did not sign up into your network marketing business?

Most people will give up when their prospect said no to their business opportunity. This is a bad mistake that you can do because sometimes it would take you YEARS before you sponsor someone.

Maybe you want to ask me why would it take years to sponsor some prospects right?   The reason why you want to keep in touch with them is because maybe the reason why your prospect did not sign up in your business opportunity is because  it is not yet the right time for him or her.

Maybe that person is very happy with his or her current job or he or she is doing very good in his or her network marketing opportunity.

If you meet someone SHARP and you know that person has a lot of influence and potential. You can put him on your eagles list and then keep in touch with that person even though that person did not sign up in your business.

Follow up that prospect every 3 to 6 months because you don`t know whats going to that person a few months from now. Maybe after 2 years he got very stress in his job and he is looking for a way out.

When it comes to prospecting.. people will sign up into your business opportunity when the TIMING is right.  So don`t give up easily because sometimes NO MEANS SLOW.

When you are using attraction marketing in your network marketing business. Always keep in touch with SHARP networkers because maybe a few years from now something can happen in their business and when they TRUST you enough there is a chance that they will you in your team.

So RECORD the name and information of your sharp prospects in your notebook and keep in touch with them.

So that`s all the training for today my friend.

If you like this training.. feel free to share it with your friends and CLICK the LIKE BUTTON on the upper right side of this article and share this with your friends on twitter or on facebook.

Have a great week and God bless you my friend.

Turn your dreams into reality

Ian Valeza

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