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Do you know that you can fail in your business even you keep on buying business books, business audio/video and every courses about your business?


A lot of entrepreneurs in the home based business don`t know the difference between activity and productivity. When they attend some seminars about marketing, prospecting and product training.. they think that they are already working on their business by listening to some trainings.

This is one of the dangerous trap every entrepreneurs should avoid. You must understand that TRAININGS are made to improve your SKILLS. If you want to make some money in your business, you must focus 90% of your time doing MONEY MAKING ACTIVITIES.

Reading books and listening to audio courses is not WORK! Think about this..

If you want to be a very good basketball player, do you think you can improve your skills by just reading books?of course not! You become good by playing basketball in the court.

I`m not saying that you must stop reading books. What i`m telling you right now is that you must only read or listen to any kind of training about your business when you are done WORKING on some task that will give you money in your business.

Since i`m doing my business full time right now, I always plan the things that i`m going to do everyday. I read books and listen to a lot of audio/video training about my business everyday, but I only do it after i`m done working on productive things that will give me money in my business.

Before I end this training, let me first give you some tips on how to become more productive in your business.

Before you go to sleep, you must plan your “TO DO LIST” for tomorrow.

This is very important because if you don`t know what your going to do tomorrow, you will just end up doing a lot of stuff that will not give you money.

So just write 7 things that you must accomplish for that day, and then just put the activities that will give you money as your first PRIORITY.

TIP # 2

Only focus on doing one task at a time. Don`t try to multitask, because this is very unproductive. Our brain can only focus on one thing at a time.  Turn off your phone, skype and get out from any social media sites when you are working.

You must not allow any kinds of distractions when you are working so you can finish your work as fast as you can.

Tip # 3

When you work you work, when you play you play. Work on your task for 3 hours straight without any distractions, and then relax for about 30 minutes, and then go back to your work again.

According to my studies about productivity, if you want to avoid stress, you must learn how to take some break every 3 hours. Now when you take a break, you must not think of your work. You must completely detach from your work when you take a break so your mind can be fresh again when you get back to your tasks.

I also suggest that you start working on your business during the day. The reason that you want to work during the day is because you want to have a lot of energy to finish your task. If you try to work late at night, there`s a big chance that you will not finish your task because you are already tired.

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Ian Valeza




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I know one of the problems that your experiencing right now is that your

friends and family are saying bad things about your business.


If this things are happening to you, don`t worry. A lot of entrepreneurs

are also experiencing this kind of problem. In this article, I will help you

find new friends that will support you in what you do.


A few years ago when I am just starting in my business. All of my friends

are very negative about what I am doing. I am only 18 years old at that

time and i`m already talking about building a business.


A lot of my friends hated me for taking some action to become a successful

entrepreneur.  After a few years in business, all of my negative friends are

gone. I am now surrounded with positive and successful people in business.


So how did I get rid of my negative friends?


1. I remove all the negative people in my life. – When I become an

entrepreneur, I know that I will become a successful business person

someday and I never doubted it.  Since my old friends are very toxic and

they pull me down. I decided to remove them from my life because they are just

slowing me down to my success.  I love my friends, but they will not go where i`m going.

I just decided that I will only hangout with positive people that are also

committed in becoming successful in their chosen field.


2. Be the person that you want to attract. – I noticed that when

I start thinking big, i also started to attract successful entrepreneurs in my

life. Most of my friends right now are successful entrepreneurs and I learn

a lot from this people.


The reason that I attracted them is because I also wanted to be like them.

When you are committed to become successful entrepreneur, you will start

to attract successful people to you. Successful people will like you because

you are also doing the same thing that they are doing when they are just

starting in business.


3. I start increasing my VALUE to the world. – When you acquire

some business skills that can help other people you will noticed that the

people that you serve will be naturally attracted to you. The reason that

this is happening is because people are programed to feel an ATTRACTION

to those people that has value.


Just focus on improving yourself and you will start to have options.

A lot of people will come to you and your job is to pick those people that

you want to be with.


4. Qualify the people around you. – When I meet a new person, I

always ask them a lot of questions. By asking questions, I can tell if that

person will be the person that I want to hangout with. If that person did not

meet my requirements, I will walk away politely.


I mean.. why would you hangout with someone that has no goals and

ambition in life? I`m not saying that i`m rude to people that are not like

me.  I just don`t spend large amount of time with them. I always greet

everyone that i know when i meet them. However, I only spend quality

time with those people that I want to be.


5. I stop arguing with other people. – When someone say some bad

things about me, I just smile and leave. I don`t waste time arguing with

people because its a waste of time and energy.


I also suggest that you do the same. When someone gives a bad comment

about your ambitions and goals, just smile and just change the topic or



I hope that you learn a lot from the tips that I gave you today. I also hope

that you apply this into your everyday life.


Have a great day and God bless you my friend.

– Ian Valeza

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Every new year, you can hear a lot of people creating their new years resolution.

The problem about creating a new year resolution is that most of the time it will

never happen.  🙁

One of the reasons why most people fail to follow their new years resolution is

because they fail to change their daily routine.  95% of what we do throughout

the day is AUTOMATIC.  In fact, even you create a TO DO LIST for the day,  there

is a HIGH chance that you wont do it. Why? Because human beings are a creatures

of habit.

If you want to accomplish something, you must first change your daily routines so

it can become your daily habit.

If one of your new years resolutions is to loose weight this 2012. All you need to do

is to CREATE a habit of exercising.  If you acquire a new habit, what will happen is

you will do this AUTOMATICALLY.

Let me give you an example.

A few years ago..

I started reading books, listening to audio and video course about business every

day.  I did this so I can expand my knowledge and improve my skills in business.

Since I was doing this everyday, it became a HABIT.   If i did not read anything or

listen to any course about business, I feel bad about myself because i am now

program to read and listen to some video course about business everyday.

So how do we create a new habit? According to experts.. if you want to create a new

habit, you must do a certain thing for 3 weeks, and it will become a habit. Another

tip in creating a new habit is you must ONLY form 1 HABIT at a time.

If you force your brain to acquire so many habits, there is high chance that you

will fail. One more thing.. I suggest that you must do the new habit that you want

to acquire first thing in the morning when you wake up.  The reason that you must

do it on the morning is because you have a HIGH energy when you wake up. If you

try to do the new habit that you want to acquire later in the afternoon, chances are

you will not do it because you are already tired and you have only a FEW energy

to do it.

That`s all the training for today my friend. I hope you start applying this new

strategy that you have learned today.

– Ian Valeza

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These are the 7 traits that you must have if you want to succeed in your network marketing business.

Trait # 1: A positive outlook.

To succeed in MLM, you must become a positive thinker. Without a relentlessly positive outlook, you can neither sell or recruit. Your business will shrivel and die at the first onslaught of adversity. Like the legendary UCLA basketball Coach John Wooden, veteran networkers understand that success comes not from avoiding problems, but from dealing with each problem courageously. ” Things turn out best,”says wooden, “For people who make the best of the way things turn out.”

Trait # 2 Teachability.

The second trait that you must have is “teachability.”

Many new recruits make the mistake of quitting before they`ve  even mastered the basics. They fail to understand that network marketing is a profession that must be learned like any other. Past experience is nearly useless in network marketing. No matter how successful you were in your past career, you must listen to the instruction of successful networkers and keep on learning everyday until you learned the basics. As Mark Yarnell says, ” Every great network marketer was a lousy network marketer first.”

Trait # 3 Generosity.

” You can get anything in life if you will just help enough other people get what they want ” – Zig Ziglar

For thousands of years, sages have taught the law of the harvest as surest route to success. It simply states that the farmer reaps more than he sows. As in agriculture, so in network marketing. The way to attain wealth is to give freely of your time, money and compassion. When your growing downline clamors for help and attention at all hours of the night, only a warm and generous spirit will keep you from slamming down the phone in rage.

Trait # 4: Skin like a rhinoceros.

As networkers take hold in the economy, network marketing is enjoying a vastly improved image. Nevertheless,  network marketers still need to brace themselves for a barrage of discouragement from friends and family. Many will still poke fun the minute you announce you`ve  joined a network marketing company. Be prepared for the worst. Cultivate a hide as thick as rhinoceros skin. And always remember that criticism is the surest way sign that you`re making an impact.  ” There is a sure way to avoid criticism.” said Napoleon Hill. ” Be nothing and do nothing. Get a job as a street sweeper and kill ambition. The remedy never fails.”

Trait # 5: Enthusiasm.

Success in MLM comes only to those who burn with enthusiasm. You can`t fake it. You must be  genuinely proud of your work. If you`re not exited about your network marketing opportunity, how will you get anyone else exited?

Trait # 6 Drive.

If you`re looking for a way to get “get rich quickly,” Try investing in commodities network marketing is the wrong place for you. Most top networkers have gotten where they are through long, agonizing months of bone- crushing labor and sleepless nights.

Trait # 7 Incredible Persistence.

Many networkers claim that persistence is the critical factor in MLM success. All other traits can be learned or acquired with time. But unless you persevere through every obstacle, neither hard work, positive attitude, thick skin, enthusiasm , generosity, nor teachability will have a chance to work their magic.

Ian Valeza

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If you want to turn any area of your life around, you must master the use of your time. And this involve not only the skill of time management but also the skill of time protection.



When you are doing something, learn to do the major things first instead of the  minor things. So when you are working you must think first if this is major or minor? if that is minor learn to do the major things first.

Because major activities will actually give you good results in your business. When you are in sales, the minor things that you can do is, evaluate the prospects, analyzing your products and building a list of prospects.

The major activities that you can do is, Talking to prospects and selling your products to prospects. So don`t major on minor things. Because if you keep majoring on minor things you will not get any good results on what you are doing and you will get left behind.

So be PRODUCTIVE rather than active.


It is very easy to get fake out for being busy.

Most people are always busy on their work however their progress is very small. So evaluate first if what you are doing is going to give you the results that you want.

Because working hard is not the answer, if working hard is the answer in accumulating wealth. then most construction workers are riding Porsche and Ferrari right now.

So learn how to work SMART instead of hard.


This is very important to remember because it will give you good results in what you are doing. Don’t do two things at the same time because it will destroy the quality of your work.

For example, you cannot paint a good painting when you are in the shower because you cannot concentrate on your painting if you are taking a bath. So  save the work till you get to work, and don’t try to get to work when you are on your way to work.

Learn how to FOCUS on what you are doing.


In today social society it is very easy to say YES to a lot people and find yourself over loaded later. So you must learn not to over commit yourself to anything if it is not going to be productive.

So rather than saying yes, you can say i don’t think so but when my schedule change I will call you, or  you can say let me check my schedule first and if i have a free time i will call you back. Use this little things not to over commit yourself.



So DONT play when you work. Because work is so serious  and your work cause you a piece of your life. It`s called SERIOUS business.

And when you are playing just play and keep enjoying.


Let the system of communication SERVE you but not intrude you. Example when you are having quality time having dinner with your family you must not let your cell phone ring and intrude you, so put it on silent mode.

When you are working on your online business, dont let facebook and youtube intrude you while you are working. Don’t let your phone and other system of communication intrude you when you are doing something important.


Owning a television is cheap, but watching your television is very expensive. Study shows that the average family spends 7 hours a day watching t.v. Its ok to watch television sometimes but you have to use your television wisely.

For example you are broke and you are having some troubles with your finances. Instead of spending 7 hours of your time watching television, you can use that 7 hours improving and learning some skills that can make you money.

Follow this advice and you will become more productive in what you are doing. Hope that you learned a lot of things today.

Turn Your Dreams Into Reality.

Ian Valeza

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