In the past few months I have been searching for a new merchant account that I can use for my online business. One of the main reasons that I start looking for a new merchant account is because I heard a lot of horror stories on the internet about paypal.

A lot of marketers have their account shut down, and some of them did not get their money back from paypal. this is just some of the horror stories that you can find on the internet about paypal.

Personally.. I have been using paypal for 4 years now, and I use it to charge my clients a lot money to sell my services to them, and I never had any problem with paypal. In Fact.. I have a good experience using their services, and I would personally recommend them to other people.

However.. even though that I love paypal, and I think it is helping a lot of people online. I will not wait for a time that I will have a major problem with them.

So I decided to look for some other alternative to paypal.

I have personally check every popular merchant account online, and some of them turned me off, because of the quality of their tech support( I will not mention the name of the company since they are already getting a lot of bad reviews online).

So now if you are going to ask me what merchant account should I recommend after doing my research?

I would definitely recommend 2checkout. They have a very good customer support for those people that is new to their platform.

I have to say that paypal is much easier to setup than 2checkout, BUT I will still recommend 2checkout to my marketer friends online. 2checkout`s friendly staff has personally help me answer some of my questions about their services, and help me solve my problems about customizing my buy now button using their system.

They are very fast to respond to your email if you have some questions, and you can also call them on their toll free number if you want to personally talk to their customer support team.

The only downside about 2checkout is that it takes a lot time for you to setup your account. It took me a few days for my account to be approved by 2checkout plus I have to do a lot of stuff in order for them to activate my account.

Its a bit of a hassle, and I`m very sure that they will drive away those people that has no patience for doing a bunch of requirements for them to get their account approved.

However.. the moment your account is activated. 2checkout is very easy to use, and they have a friendly customer support to help you if you have some problems.

So if you are searching for a merchant account that you can use.. I would highly recommend 2checkout to you.