MLM Secrets – Warm market approach strategies.

Hello buddy,

Today I will teach you how to properly approach your friends and family without looking very desperate and without forcing them to do your business.

I know that there is a lot of strategy that you can use in building your business. However if you want to get instant results that you want in your business. I highly recommend that you approach your warm market first before you do other strategies.

Now the reason that your warm market will give you instant results is because these are the people that already know you.

Here are some tips that you can use when you are approaching your warm market.

Do not satisfy their curiosity.

When you are going to invite your friends to see your business opportunity, I suggest you compliment them first before you invite them. When they ask you some question I recommend that you do not satisfy their curiosity.


You : Hey buddy,  I got involve on a business project right now. We are currently looking for a few people who wants to make more money aside from what they are currently doing right now. COMPLIMENT: I want you to take a look at this business because you are a close friend of mine and I know you very well and I only want to work with the people who I trust like you.

Now if the money is right and you can do the business part time are you interested to take a look at it?

Most of the time they will ask you some question about the business and this is how you  reply…

Friend Prospect:  What is that business?

You: Hey do I look like an expert? I have someone who is very successful and he is the one who is an expert on this. After the presentation I promise that we will answer all of your questions ok? Now my business partner is only available (Set a time and day) Just make it look that its only a onetime meeting so it will look very rare so they will grab it.

EDIFY your upline to your prospect.

It is very important that you edify your upline to your friends and family so when your prospect meets your upline. He will listen to what he is going to say and your upline can also edify you with your friends. He can say that you are an upcoming leader in your company or one of the rising star in your company. You can use your upline`s credibility when you are just starting or you don`t have the results yet.

Don’t convince and explain to your friends that they need to do the business.

Now it is very important that you do not convince your friends when they say no to your opportunity. If you convince you will just annoy them and they will think that they also need to convince people when they are going to do the business. This is one of the reason why sometimes our friends and family get annoyed by the opportunity.

If they say no to the opportunity, just keep in touch with them and invite them later. Maybe the reason that they don’t want to see it because maybe it is not the right timing for them to do the business. Most of the time they will keep asking you hows your business because they are curious and they want to see if you are going to stay in your business. So stay in your business and just keep in touch with your friends so when they circumstances change. You can invite them again and they will open to take a look at your opportunity.

Tips when you are going to call them.

If you will call your friends on the phone and invite them to see your upline. You can do the same strategy that I just told you.

You must not take more than 5 minutes if you are going to call your friends on the phone.  Just say that you can only stay for only a few minutes on the phone.

I don’t suggest using a script when you are going to call them because you will sound weird on the phone and you will lose your prospect. You can create some a cheat sheet on a piece of paper and look at it when you are going to call them so you can remember what to say.

Here are some guidelines that you can use when you are going to call your friends and family on the phone.

Clear  the time

“I can only talk for only a few seconds” à Don’t spend more than 5 minutes on the phone because you don’t want to satisfy their curiosity.

Purpose of the call.

“You are working with your friend who`s expanding a business project”

Are you looking?

You are only looking for a few people to work with. If the money was right and the business can fit on his/her schedule is he or she open to look at the opportunity?

Set an appointment.

What nights this week do you have commitments?

Confirm that appointment.

I`m writing this on my calendar are you writing it on yours?

Here are some common objections that you will get and I will teach you how to overcome it.

Objection 1: What is this?

That’s a good question buddy I`m glad that you ask it. The reason that we are going to set a meeting is because you need to see it so you can understand the business because I cannot explain the business just over the phone.  ( After that you can set an appointment)

Objection 2 : Is this one of those pyramiding schemes?

You:  What is a pyramiding scheme?

Prospect:  A business that you have to recruit people and scam them etc

You: are you in that kind of business?

Prospect: no

You: That’s very good because I don’t want to do that. (Set a time and day that you are going to meet.)

Objection 3 : Do I need to invest?

You:  We will just talk about the business so no commitments yet so you can decide if it is for you or not. That is much better for you right? ( Set a time and day that you are going to meet.)

So always remember that you  do not need satisfy their curiosity when you are inviting them and do not convince them when they say no.

One more tip

If you are going to approach your family. You can just tell them that you are doing something and you need their opinion on it because you respect them so much. If you have a success seminar in your  company, you can invite your family members on that celebration because they can see that a lot of people will go to stage and they will be curious on how they become successful.

So that’s all the tips for today my friend. If you like this training, feel free to share it with your friends on facebook or on twitter.

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