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I noticed that one of the most common problem of internet marketers or attraction marketers on the internet is they know how to get get some leads, but they don`t have any idea how to turn that lead into paying customers.

Now to solve that problem  I decided to create free training video on how I am closing my leads online.

here is the training video that I created for you


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Hi buddy,

Today I`m going to teach you how you can build your MLM business while having a lot of time doing the things that you love.

If you are doing online network marketing, there is a change that you are spending most of your time doing unproductive things on social media sites.

Some people think that they are working hard but in reality they are just wasting their time.  So in today`s video I will give you the strategy that you need to get maximum results in your MLM working part time.

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Focus 90% of your time prospecting and 10% marketing because we get paid by recruiting people and selling our products.

Start calling your leads first before they you do any kind of marketing.


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Hi buddy,

In today`s training I will give you some strategy on how you can turn those people who are spamming you on social media into leads and make them your new customer and distributor in your business.

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One of the main reason why people are spamming you on facebook is they dont have any Idea on how to properly market on the internet.

If you will try to connect with these people 20% of them will be happy to listen to you. I know because I did it. I turn the person that spammed me before into a customer and teach him how to properly brand himself online.

Now when you are going to try to prospect this people. I suggest that you take a look at their profile and see if they are a real person or not. What do I mean if they are real or not? I want you to take a look at their profile and If you can see that they have some pictures and about their self then you can talk to these people. now If they are using a company logo and you cannot find a picture of them on their profile then they not good to prospect.

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