I just want to post this short article so you wont destroy your business just like other networkers.

One of the most common problem in network marketing or any other kind of business is that a lot of people do a lot of crazy talk.

They will pretend that they are having the results that their prospects wants so they can sign them up into their opportunity.

They will pretend that they are already making a lot of money even they are losing thousands of dollars in their business.

The problem about this kind of shady tactic is that if your prospect finds out that you are just lying to him or her, your prospect will immediately going to stop working with you, and there is also a high chance that your prospect will tell everyone what you did to him or her.

Remember that the reason why people will work with you is because they TRUST you. If you break that trust with your prospect, you will soon suffer the consequence.

Now how can you persuade your prospects to join your business opportunity if you are not yet making any money?

Just tell the truth and just tell them that what you got can solve their problem.

You must understand that people wants to be lead. If you can give them a game plan on how to achieve their dreams, they will follow you and do business with you.

Just ask some questions and find out what do your prospects want in their life.

If you find the things that your prospects want to accomplish, just use your opportunity as a vehicle to achieve their dreams.

Always remember that don`t make yourself the issue.  I already sign up a lot of people a few years ago in my first opportunity even they know that i am just starting that time.

The reason that they follow me is because they can sense my passion and I believe in what I`m doing.

So that`s all my tip for today my friend. Always remember that don`t trade your reputation for anything.

Ian Valeza