I will share a SECRET STRATEGY that will make your customers keep

on buying expensive products from you.


When selling some products online, most marketers only focus on one

time selling, and they find some other people that are going to buy their



finding new customers is good, but you also need to keep your customers

buying from you. In fact, it is much better to keep 1 customer than to

find 5 new customers.




So how do you keep them? You must BUILD GOOD RELATIONSHIP

with your customers by giving away some bonuses,discounts, promos etc.

By doing this, your customers will be happy, and they will keep on buying

from you.


Just think about this..

If you own a fast food restaurant, and you are selling hot dogs, and

you are making $1 of profit per hot dog.  How much money do you think

will you make if you make your customer buying from you for 10 years?

Lets make mcdonalds as an example.  How many times did you eat

on mcdonalds?  If they have a poor customer service, do you think

you will come back again, and eat on mcdonalds?  So keep your customers,

and serve them well so they will keep on coming back for more.



If you are just starting your business, and you only got a few customers.

I highly suggest that you keep on interacting with them. If you form a

good relationship with your customers, it is MUCH EASIER to promote

other products to them.  It is also much EASIER for you to sell some

new products from existing customers.  Just think about it, who is much

easier to sell? Your friends or strangers? of course your friends.


I also suggest that you follow up your customers within 48 hours after

they made a purchase of your products. Why do you have to do this?

Because 72% percent of your customers are not going to USE the

products that they buy from you, and there is a chance that they will

demand a REFUND. Make a way that your customers will immediately

use your products so they can experience it, and avoid refunds so you can

make more money.


Take care of your customers and they will take care of you.

So that`s all my tips for today. If you love this training, feel free to share

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Have  a great day and God bless in your business.

– Ian Valeza

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