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I know one of the problems that your experiencing right now is that your

friends and family are saying bad things about your business.


If this things are happening to you, don`t worry. A lot of entrepreneurs

are also experiencing this kind of problem. In this article, I will help you

find new friends that will support you in what you do.


A few years ago when I am just starting in my business. All of my friends

are very negative about what I am doing. I am only 18 years old at that

time and i`m already talking about building a business.


A lot of my friends hated me for taking some action to become a successful

entrepreneur.  After a few years in business, all of my negative friends are

gone. I am now surrounded with positive and successful people in business.


So how did I get rid of my negative friends?


1. I remove all the negative people in my life. – When I become an

entrepreneur, I know that I will become a successful business person

someday and I never doubted it.  Since my old friends are very toxic and

they pull me down. I decided to remove them from my life because they are just

slowing me down to my success.  I love my friends, but they will not go where i`m going.

I just decided that I will only hangout with positive people that are also

committed in becoming successful in their chosen field.


2. Be the person that you want to attract. – I noticed that when

I start thinking big, i also started to attract successful entrepreneurs in my

life. Most of my friends right now are successful entrepreneurs and I learn

a lot from this people.


The reason that I attracted them is because I also wanted to be like them.

When you are committed to become successful entrepreneur, you will start

to attract successful people to you. Successful people will like you because

you are also doing the same thing that they are doing when they are just

starting in business.


3. I start increasing my VALUE to the world. – When you acquire

some business skills that can help other people you will noticed that the

people that you serve will be naturally attracted to you. The reason that

this is happening is because people are programed to feel an ATTRACTION

to those people that has value.


Just focus on improving yourself and you will start to have options.

A lot of people will come to you and your job is to pick those people that

you want to be with.


4. Qualify the people around you. – When I meet a new person, I

always ask them a lot of questions. By asking questions, I can tell if that

person will be the person that I want to hangout with. If that person did not

meet my requirements, I will walk away politely.


I mean.. why would you hangout with someone that has no goals and

ambition in life? I`m not saying that i`m rude to people that are not like

me.  I just don`t spend large amount of time with them. I always greet

everyone that i know when i meet them. However, I only spend quality

time with those people that I want to be.


5. I stop arguing with other people. – When someone say some bad

things about me, I just smile and leave. I don`t waste time arguing with

people because its a waste of time and energy.


I also suggest that you do the same. When someone gives a bad comment

about your ambitions and goals, just smile and just change the topic or



I hope that you learn a lot from the tips that I gave you today. I also hope

that you apply this into your everyday life.


Have a great day and God bless you my friend.

– Ian Valeza

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When a prospect say something negative about your business opportunity, do you always waste your time convincing your prospects that your business is a legitimate business?

A lot of networkers will waste a lot of time arguing with their negative prospects that their opportunity is a legitimate one. Its ok to defend the things we believe in, however arguing with your prospect is a waste of time and its not productive.

When prospecting, you have nothing to prove. If a close-minded person makes an ignorant comment about your company or comp plan or product, let them go and move on to your next prospect.

It’s not your job to convince them or prove them wrong. When you come up against ignorant, close-minded prospects … let them go and move on. We’re not in the convincing business and you don’t want to waste one minute of your valuable time on them.

Instead, leave them in their ignorance and move on to your next prospect. Reserve your time for those who deserve it. There are millions of people out there waiting to join you in your business opportunity,so don`t waste your time with skeptic prospects

Learn how to use your time wisely.

Ian Valeza

Skype : Ian. Valeza


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