Do you think joining an

attraction marketing

GURU will make you

successful online?

A lot of people think that if they join a GURU on the internet, they will

automatically become successful, because they can gain exposure and

help from that GURU.


I hate to say this, but that is just a myth my friend. The reason why

a GURU can`t help you is because they are so BUSY doing their own

stuff. Just think about this.. If they are sponsoring 20 – 30 people per

month, how can they help you? They are so busy managing their top

producers and so busy prospecting a lot of people.


Now I`m not saying that you don`t join any guru on the internet. You

can learn a lot from them because they give great trainings for their

team. What i`m saying is.. you must be willing to work hard and

improve yourself so you can succeed in what you are doing for you

to get some results that you want.


It is not the GURU`S that will make you successful. It is your

determination and your right mindset that will make you successful.

Your mentor can only guide you, but it is up to you to make things



I also have two great mentors that is a guru online. They invest time with

me to mentor me so I can improve my skills. I am grateful on my current

business partners and I HAVE NO PLAN JOINING other networking



Now here is my tip, if you really want someone to HELP you and

GROOM you to become a successful entrepreneur. I suggest you find

someone that is a RAISING superstar. This person can help you because

he is still building his large group and his duty is to serve you and

help you so he can become successful in his business.


The other advantage of joining a raising superstar is you are going to be

3 to 4th levels deep from the top earner and GURU in your company, and

it is a very good position to be. Why? because there are 3 people that are

interested and excited for you to become successful.


If your sponsor cannot solve your problem, you can just go to your

sponsor`s sponsor and ask for help. That`s an advantage for you, because

there are a lot of people helping you.


So go find a RAISING superstar and talk to him if you need some help.

You can also talk to me if you want. Just put your information on

this link and I will contact you within 48 hours.

Looking forward on talking to you my friend.


So that`s all my tip for today. Feel free to share it with your friends on

facebook and twitter.

– Ian Valeza

Phone: +639993651414

Skype: Ian.Valeza




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