Every new year, you can hear a lot of people creating their new years resolution.

The problem about creating a new year resolution is that most of the time it will

never happen.  🙁

One of the reasons why most people fail to follow their new years resolution is

because they fail to change their daily routine.  95% of what we do throughout

the day is AUTOMATIC.  In fact, even you create a TO DO LIST for the day,  there

is a HIGH chance that you wont do it. Why? Because human beings are a creatures

of habit.

If you want to accomplish something, you must first change your daily routines so

it can become your daily habit.

If one of your new years resolutions is to loose weight this 2012. All you need to do

is to CREATE a habit of exercising.  If you acquire a new habit, what will happen is

you will do this AUTOMATICALLY.

Let me give you an example.

A few years ago..

I started reading books, listening to audio and video course about business every

day.  I did this so I can expand my knowledge and improve my skills in business.

Since I was doing this everyday, it became a HABIT.   If i did not read anything or

listen to any course about business, I feel bad about myself because i am now

program to read and listen to some video course about business everyday.

So how do we create a new habit? According to experts.. if you want to create a new

habit, you must do a certain thing for 3 weeks, and it will become a habit. Another

tip in creating a new habit is you must ONLY form 1 HABIT at a time.

If you force your brain to acquire so many habits, there is high chance that you

will fail. One more thing.. I suggest that you must do the new habit that you want

to acquire first thing in the morning when you wake up.  The reason that you must

do it on the morning is because you have a HIGH energy when you wake up. If you

try to do the new habit that you want to acquire later in the afternoon, chances are

you will not do it because you are already tired and you have only a FEW energy

to do it.

That`s all the training for today my friend. I hope you start applying this new

strategy that you have learned today.

– Ian Valeza

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